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We sell:

Barlow Lens, Laser Collimators, Colour Filters
separate OTA's without mounts
separate mounts without OTA's!
telescope accessories
Newtonian reflector, refractor and Maksutov Cassegrain telescopes!

Not just cheap telescopes -


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Astronomica is not just a company selling astronomical equipment; it is a whole world of astronomy. It was set up by astronomers for astronomers to provide quality products at affordable prices.

In our search for better astronomical equipment to suit the pockets of discerning amateur astronomers, we have sourced supplies direct from manufacturers.

This has enabled Astronomica to offer high quality products and excellent prices.

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As well as the UK, we have customers in France, Spain, Portugal, Italy, The USA, Mexico and Australia!!

Featured Products

  1. Astronomica 2" Narrow Band Nebula Filter

    Astronomica 2" Narrow Band Nebula Filter


    Nebula/light pollution filter for visual deep-sky observations. Useful for viewing faint emission nebula; as the filter allows passage of virtually all the radiation from both O-III lines; the H-beta and the H-alpha line. The prominent lines from artifici Learn More
  2. Astroparts 90mm Mounting Rings

    Astroparts 90mm Mounting Rings


    These can be finished in powdercoat paint,
    either white or a colour of your own choice obviously at a slightly increased cost. Learn More
  3. TMB 9mm Planetary Premium Eyepiece

    TMB 9mm Planetary Premium Eyepiece


    This 9mm Planetary eyepiece is from TMB Optical, the company founded by noted apochromatic refractor designer Thomas M. Back to produce state-of-the-art premium optics. This eyepiece offers a truly premium performance at an amazingly low price! Learn More
  4. Binoculars and people

    Binoculars and people


    The book tells the story of the war and peace time use of binoculars since their invention in the Seventeenth Century, right up to the latest advances in design currently being pioneered. Learn More
  5. Bahtinov Focus Mask for Meade 12" SCT

    Bahtinov Focus Mask for Meade 12" SCT


    Bahtinov focus mask for Meade 12" Schmidt-Cassegrain telescope. Learn More

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